Kevlar, like carbon fibre, for its lightness and strength is used for parts of sports vehicles or sports equipment.

It has some properties other than carbon fiber, which makes it preferable to use one or the other material as needed.

It is very flameproof, which makes it a great material for firefighters and thanks to its high traction resistance (5 times the weight of steel), it can be found as a reinforcing fiber for jackets anti-bullet. It can absorb shocks through plastic deformation and is often used in combination with carbon fiber or other synthetic materials.


  • Mechanical resistance to traction
  • Flame resistance
  • Kinetic Resistance
  • Rubbing resistance
  • Lightness

Examples of applications:

  • Sport equipment
  • Parts for sports vehicles
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Part for bulletproof jackets
  • Part for accident prevention equipment.