Carbon fibre, for its particular characteristics, is used in many areas, for example the construction of hulls for sport boats or racing car parts.

This is because of its lightness that allows to significantly lower the weight of the vehicles without neglecting the resistance.

One of its major strengths is the aesthetic value that opens doors to this particular material for many uses, design objects of all kinds: from jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces, luxury furniture or car parts such as mirror mirrors which increase the aesthetic value of the vehicle.

MONDO COMPOSITI does not deal with carbon fibre surrogates as stickers or prints, but only original material from Italy.



  • High mechanical strength
  • Low density
  • Strong thermal insulation
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Resistance to temperature variations
  • Good flame retardant properties

Examples of applications

  • Sports boat hulls
  • Parts for sports vehicles
  • Design furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments such as violins or violoncelli
  • Case for carrying objects
  • Accessories for clothing such as wallets and belts
  • Sport equipment